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Fall 2023 Rosters -

Here our are TempeSouth Fall rosters.  Game schedule to be posted shortly.  

Majors - Coach Buster


Minors - Coach Coughlin

James Poppleton   Michael Carter
Aiden Broshears   Daven Prante
Gavin Fry   Matthew Arce
Chase Carpenter   Jacob Coughlin
Sawyer henderson   Patrick Coughlin
Andrew Arce   Parker Primak
Tucker Page   James Huffaker
JACK HINCHEY   Oliver Bulson
Oliver Markley   Dane Clarken

Martinez Flores

  Linus Pfundstein

Martinez Flores

  Anderson Scott
Nathaniel Shamo   Samuel Wallain

Majors - Coach Ulm


Minors - Coach Marlow

JUDE CELAYA   Maddox Carter
Casey Ulm   Peter Armstrong
Christian Campbell   James Beaudoin
Liam Golleher   Jacob Berger
Nolan Lepetich   Avi Bernstein
Calvin Cappleman   Rio Graves
London Hughes   Jackson Marlow
David Perez   Kyle Bayliss
JJ Salazar   Brody Snickles
Michael Soto   Bryant (Gus) Adams
Lucas Stahl   Crosby Bolen
Gage Stahl   Mateo Porter

Majors - Coach Richardson


Minors - Coach Budak

Jaxon Courtney   Maximilian Poppleton
Luke Gradowski   Ethan Broshears
Calvin Varga   Ellie Budak
Micah Berkowitz   Jax Martinez
Sean Richardson   Noah Vecchi
Owen Alford   Ronald Varga
Brady Campbell   Elliott Dowling
Andrew Liberatore   Samantha Greene
Theodore Shook   Jacob Gutierrez
wyatt vossberg   James Kobe
Shane Werkman   Jack Miller
Jack Young   Caleb



Majors - Coach Costigan


Jrs - Coach Landreth

Declan Prante   Griffin Hopp
Dillon Deason   Christian Royalty
Liam Hauser   Robin Stockton
Corin Landreth   Noah Landreth
Zachary Lawson   Mavrick Socha
Gabrielle Duffourg   Bryce Starr
Olivier Humphrey   Oren Fischer
Isaac Johnson   Aidan Grace
Jonah Roehner   Max Lopez
James Soza   Ian Kennedy
Reynaldo Vizcaino   Steven Hoye
Dominick Wolfe   Jaiden Skinner
      Paul Painter
      Theo Richard

Fall Umps wanted.

We are registering umpires for the Fall season.  Go to our umpire page for more information 


Fall Ball


Hello Tempe South families!

Fall ball registration is closed

Other questions?  Please send a note to the league’s Player Agent, Kevin at


Opening Day 2022

Banner Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for local business that want to advertise at the TSLL Fields with a banner.  Please see the attached Banner Sponsor form for more details!


Volunteer for Tempe South Little League.  There are many ways to get involved.  Learn More

Tempe South Little League

Tempe South Little League (TSLL) is a volunteer-run, non-for profit organization for youth baseball in Tempe, Arizona.  We are home for over 400 young athletes, from ages 4 to 16.   We play over 225 games each year,  teaching our kids the rewards of working hard, striving to win and getting better every day.  TSLL is part of Little League's Arizona District 13.  Drop us an email any time!  

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Contact Us TSLL

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