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    Dbacks Day

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    Sunday, April 22nd

    New Little League Bats

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    TSLL Key Dates - Spring 2018

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    Updates & News

    Announcing 2018 T-Ball Rosters

    By Tim Trimble 03/09/2018, 7:00pm MST

    Coach Arce

    A Arce

    J Carter

    L Carter

    A D'Aquila

    G Fry

    C Marquis

    B Matuz

    J McClain

    C Ohlgren

    M Ohlgren

    C Varga

    Coach Hagan

    L Alvarez

    C Armstrong

    P Armstrong

    H Carlson

    B Hagan

    C Johnson

    G Johnson

    C Knutson

    G Lozano

    D Prante

    D Prante

    F Wilson

    Coach Broshears

    A Arevalo

    H Brandt

    A Broshears

    J Courtney

    A Deeds

    J Huffaker

    B McMahon

    S Pierce

    T Soper

    C Ulm

    M Vital

    D Westfall

    Coach Stutz

    J Felix

    L Germundson

    J Hampton

    S Hampton

    H Jensen

    O Jensen

    V Macziewski

    K Peterson

    D Rambow

    C Rodriguez

    E Siuts

    V Stutz

    Coach Budak

    H Bandura

    A Barnett

    D Berry

    E Budak

    T Cordova

    B Diggs

    m fua

    V Grace

    G Skupin

    E Walsh

    Coach Wald

    M De La Torre

    C Dummar

    M Fredericks

    E Kiel

    M Lepetich

    N Lepetich

    K Sandhaus

    A Squires

    C Wald

    E White

    I White

    Coach Dwyer

    M Adams

    G Barriga

    M Castrillo

    W Farnsworth

    L Ferrin

    J Grose

    T Guzman

    E Lopez

    L Martin

    J Patrick

    L Smith

    L Smith

    J Steffen



    Spring 2018 Schedules

    By Tim Trimble 03/06/2018, 5:00pm MST

    Schedules for Farm, Minors and Majors have been loaded and are now online. Check your teams page for your Spring 2018 games. 

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    Tempe South Little League (TSLL) is a volunteer-run, non-for profit organization for youth baseball in Tempe, Arizona.  We are home for over 400 young athletes, from ages 4 to 16.   We play over 225 games each year,  teaching our kids the rewards of working hard, striving to win and getting better every day.  TSLL is part of Little League's Arizona District 13.  Drop us an email any time!  

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    Contact Us TSLL

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