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2022 Fall Ball Rosters

  B. Bandura     D. Baragar
  A. Dunn     J. Celaya
  L. Elizalde     J. Courtney
  J. Freund     D. Deason
  M. Gonzales     J. Huffaker
  K. Hester     C. Landreth
  S. Hoye     Z. Lawson
  H. Brandt     J. Montella
  G. Lozano      J. Poppleton
  J. Skinner     D. Prante
  D. Spicer     S. Richardson
  L. Sugar     L. Rivero
  H. Watkins      G. Swinson
  M. Barna     T. Basha
  M. Berkowitz     J. Carter
  A. Berkowitz     C. Dummar
  L. Gradowski     P. Edmiston
  G. Hancock     I. Flynn
  C. Hartman      R. Gordon
  J. Henderson     A. Grace
  T. McRae     L. Hauser
  O. Monge     T. Link
  J. Salazar     M. Stoloff
  A. Velazquez     H. Tapia
  P. Yosowitz     N. Temple
        C. Ulm
  H. Bandura     P. Armstrong
  A. Barnett     A. Bernstein
  G. Barriga     M. Lepetich 
  O. Barriga     A. Broshears
  Z. Beriault     J. Karroum 
  E. Budak     N. Lepetich
  J. Golleher     J. Miller
  V. Martinez     D. Mora
  C. Miller     S. Pierce
  R. Petersen     J. Policar
  B. Preston     A. Ruan 
  D. Schroeder     T. Runcorn
  B. Zandt     A. Velazquez
  M. Castrillo    
  P. Coughlin    
  R. Crosland    
  S. Dintelman    
  J. Elizalde    
  G. Fry    
  J. Huffaker    
  C. Hurtado    
  D. Kelly    
  M. Poppleton    
  D. Prante    
  J. Steffen    
  C. Varga    

TSLL Looking for Fall Umpires!

Register here:



Kids 13 years or older who are not playing in Minors or Majors.

Juniors players are eligible to be umpires!

Fall Ball Registration is here!

Fall Registration is now closed.  Look for roster announcements by September 6th.



Hello Tempe South families!


Fall ball registration is here!  We have options for ages 6-14 this year.  Please read below for some general information.  


Register here:


For ages 6-7-8, registration is now open.  We will be having 4 clinics for the players to work on their skills to improve for the following Spring Season

  • Dates are TBD, but there will be 4 sessions, likely on Tuesday or Thursday nights.  To be held at Bloomquist field in Mid-October and finishing before Thanksgiving.   
  • Registration will be open until October 1st
  • $20 for all clinics


For ages 9-12, registration is now open.  Fees are $115/player.  We will have 5-8 teams in both Minors and Majors divisions.  We have teams from Chandler, Guadalupe, and Rio Little Leagues.   

  • Teams will be announced in early September.  
  • Practices start week of Sept 12th and games from Mid-October until November 18th
  • Teams will be meeting in general 2x per week, on a combination of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  We expect that players will be involved in other sports and activities, so coaches are advised to plan for less than perfect attendance.
  • Registration will close on August 31st.  
  • $115 for season including Hats and jerseys. 

Games and practices will be at a combination of 4 fields in the Tempe area including TSLL Bloomquist Field, Guadalupe Little League (Baseline and Priest), and Tempe Rio Little league Mantei Field (Broadway and Roosevelt) and Luis Gonzales fields (Rio Salado and Mill).   Most TSLL practices will be at our Bloomquist fields.   


For ages 13 & 14, we are participating in a district Junior’s program this fall.  Games will be held at Nazomi Field near Chandler and Kyrene.  Practice locations for juniors is still being worked out.   

  • Registration is limited to the first 14 players to sign up.  Anybody after that will be put on a waitlist.  
  • Registration will close August 21st.  
  • $115 for season including Hats and jerseys. 


What division should you register for? 

Fall ball's intent is to be developmental for players, coaches, and Umps.   As a result, players are to be placed in the division that they will likely play in the spring 2023 season.   To determine which division the player should register, please calculate out how old the player will be on August 31st, 2023 (one year from now).  This is their 2023 "Little League Age".    

13- and 14-year-olds should register for Juniors.  No exceptions.   

11 and 12-year-olds should register for Majors.   This will enable players talent to be gauged for a more competitive spring season.   Requests to play down in minors will be declined.   

9 and 10-year-olds should register for Minors (Introductory kid pitch). 

6-, 7-, and 8-year-olds should register for the clinics.  


Here is the official Little League 2023 age chart:  


Want to volunteer and/or coach in the fall?  Please indicate it in the registration.   If you are considering coaching in the spring, this is a great opportunity to build your coaching skills.  


Other questions?  Please send a note to the league’s Player Agent, Kevin at


Note: Proof of ages and addresses are not required at the time of registration for Fall baseball, but may be requested prior to team assignment

Opening Day 2022

Banner Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for local business that want to advertise at the TSLL Fields with a banner.  Please see the attached Banner Sponsor form for more details!


Volunteer for Tempe South Little League.  There are many ways to get involved.  Learn More

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