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    Picture Day

    Picture day is coming up on Saturday April 10th.  Schedule with times to be released shortly

    Farm & T-Ball Rosters

    AAA   AAA   AAA
    Soper   Maree   Bandura
    R.  Franchini   G.  Barriga   B.  Bandura
    D.  Lewis   S.  Brown   H.  Bandura
    K.  Lilley   C.  Campbell    D.  Baragar
    J.  Morgan   L.  Elizalde   J.  Basha
    C.  Nicastro   H.  Lineberger   M.  Bostick
    J.  Poppleton   K.  Lozano   H.  Brandt
    C.  Rodriguez   M.  Maree   J.  Henderson
    S.  Sanocki   R.  Robles   T.  Page
    L.  Shaw   C.  Schaben   J.  Salomon
    T.  Soper   J.  Steffen   M.  Sheehan
    R.  Williams   V.  Vindiola  
    Zandt   Peterson   Richardson
    M.  Castrillo   L.  Didion   D.  Deason
    S.  Dintelman   P.  Edmiston   E.  Eklund
    K.  Kochis   L.  Ferrin   G.  Fry
    G.  Lozano    R.  Gordon   L.  Golleher
    M.  Pena   S.  Hines   M.  Haskie
    J.  Salazar   K.  Peterson   E.  Kiel
    A.  Valles    D.  Prante   Z.  Lawson
    E.  White   K.  Sandhaus   J.  Montella
    I.  White   D.  Spicer   C.  Myrick
    B.  Zandt     S.  Richardson
    AA   AA   AA
    Armstrong   Gibbs   Prante
    C.  Armstrong   J.  Coughlin   K.  Bayliss
    P.  Armstrong   J.  Gibbs   P.  Coughlin
    A.  Barnett   J.  Gorden    G.  Didion
    A.  Bernstein   C.  Klika   A.  Fischer
    E.  Budak   J.  Marlow   J.  Huffaker
    K.  Morrow   B.  Martindale   J.  Karroum 
    P.  Primak   M.  Mccarthyhill   L.  Obray
    D.  Schroeder   R.  Pease   O.  Olson
    E.  Shelburne   M.  Poppleton   J.  Organ
    R.  Valles    F.  Wilson   D.  Prante
    Skelton   Kowalski   Greene
    C.  Campbell    K.  Bickford   D.  Arredondo
    J.  Dunn   C.  Bickler   O.  Barriga
    J.  Elizalde   A.  Broshears   M.  Carter
    J.  Engelbrecht   E.  Broshears   C.  Dummar
    N.  Fonner   N.  Ellis   D.  Greene
    C.  Mcallister   E.  Kowalski   S.  Greene
    K.  Miles   J.  Miller   C.  McAllister
    K.  Ortal   S.  Pierce   N.  Vecchi 
    E.  Siuts   L.  Richardson   B.  Weinberger
    J.  Skelton   A.  Scott  
    L.  Smith    
    TB   TB   TB
    Anderson   Beaudoin   Motes
    B.  Anderson   J.  Beaudoin   D.  Armstrong
    G.  Ellis   T.  Brown   J.  Basha
    A.  Lewis   K.  Calhoun   G.  Buckman
    H.  Lineberger   L.  Germundson   T.  Ellixson
    U.  McAllister   L.  Keefe   S.  Hartman
    R.  Rischmueller    R.  link   A.  McSheffrey
    J.  Rodriguez   J.  Martinez    M.  McSheffrey
    D.  Rosing   J.  Martinez    J.  Motes
    K.  Teleb   B.  Weinberger   C.  Rosenberg
    Lilley   Martin  
    A.  Alfaro   H.  Bandura  
    E.  Alfaro   I.  Brown  
    R.  Alfaro   R.  Budak  
    C.  Bried   J.  Engelbrecht  
    Z.  Griffin   A.  Jean Philippe  
    C.  Hager   J.  Martin  
    J.  Hinton   C.  Peterson  
    C.  Lilley   H.  Skinner  
    Z.  Vasquez   S.  Ulm  

    2021 Minors Roster

    Berkowitz   Flynn
    J.  Baldonado   R.  Alfaro
    A.  Berkowitz   M.  Barna
    M.  Berkowitz   K.  Barnett
    J.  Huffaker   J.  Castellanos
    T.  link   L.  Downey
    E.  Lopez   I.  Flynn
    J.  Mendoza    G.  Kaiser
    C.  Misheski   L.  Page
    I.  Ramone   D.  Stouffer
    B.  Scott   H.  Tapia
    P.  Yosowitz   O.  Teleb
    Bistany   Blean
    A.  Dunn   J.  Byrne
    P.  Goldman   C.  Garces
    L.  Haake   C.  Hartman 
    R.  Marley   K.  Hester
    B.  Matuz   M.  Lopez
    K.  Rice   T.  Mayhew
    S.  Servin   L.  McIlvain
    P.  Singh   G.  Mulligan
    J.  Skinner   L.  Olmos
    L.  Weihe   E.  Sandhaus
    O.  Windsor   M.  Walker
    Dwyer   ULM
    C.  Armstrong   B.  Brown
    L.  Carter   J.  Carter
    C.  Dummar   O.  Fischer
    P.  Durrenberger   A.  Grace
    G.  Dwyer   L.  Hifler
    A.  Glogowski   J.  Jimenez
    A.  Hitt   L.  Rivero
    A.  Leung   M.  Stoloff
    C.  Morrow   A.  Sugar
    A.  Shelburne   L.  Sugar
    D.  Smith   C.  Ulm

    Welcome to the Spring 2021 Season Registration!

    Registration for the Spring 2021 season is now live.  The application is posted here.

    General Registration is January 5, 2021 to February 4, 2021.  

    Late Registration is February 5, 2021 to February 10, 2021


    Juniors players will be Wait-listed

    Minors and Majors Wait-list after February 11th





    The District and Western Region offices have determined that all Tempe/Guadelupe players will register with the Tempe Rio Salado Little League for the 2021 Spring Season.   Tempe South will not be able to register Tempe/Guadelupe players.    Please contact RIO at for registration information.


    As a parent, you may be concerned that your child is not ready for this year's level of play.  Please remember that everyone missed a year of playing baseball.  Please note that the League will not be modifying the levels of play.  Players' ages will continue to determine the players' Division.


    Your child will be fine and he/she will have a great experience.  Looking forward to seeing you at the ballfields!!

    2021 Majors Roster

    Coronella   Costigan
    H.  Chamberlain   D.  Demauro
    A.  Coronella   T.  Drescher
    C.  Dueppen   E.  Dunn
    H.  Lambert   B.  Mathison
    E.  Lamy   W.  Newman
    B.  Lindsey   B.  Pollak
    Z.  Lindsey   G.  Rable
    A.  Pollett   M.  Simpson
    M.  Socha   S.  Sinkovic
    P.  Stantus   B.  Smith
    D.  Tinker   L.  Wolf
    Dupnik   Rowley
    L.  Bickford   N.  Cozakos
    G.  Carlon   B.  Hales
    T.  Dupnik   C.  Johnson
    C.  Furiga   C.  Leung
    M.  Gonzales   L.  Picarello
    L.  Haake   C.  Rentschler
    C.  Hines   A.  Richardson
    J.  Martinez   T.  Robertson 
    E.  Reynoso   C.  Rowley
    Z.  Rice   T.  Sandhaus
    J.  Stevens   C.  Wilson
    L.  Boggs    
    C.  Ferrin    
    C.  Higgins    
    Z.  Hines    
    J.  King    
    E.  Rawson    
    M.  Rosing    
    C.  Royalty    
    I.  Rubenstein    
    D.  Vlk-Blair    
    A.  Wagstaff    


    Tempe South Little League  is looking for Junior volunteers!



    Kids 13 years or older who are not playing in Minors or Majors.

    Juniors players are eligible to be umpires!



    - Learn more about the game you already love
    - Build confidence while giving back to the Tempe community
    - Spring 2021 Season is mid March to mid May
    - Games will be at Tempe Sports Complex 
              Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm
              Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm & 7:30pm
              Saturday 8:00am & 10:00am   
              Saturday 5:30pm & 7:30pm

    - First year umpires will be paid $15 per game
    - Second year + umpires will be paid $20 per game
    - Umpires will be paid in cash

    If you have any schedule restrictions or limited availability that you know of now, please include it with your application in the box provided.


    Registration Link



    TSLL 50th

    We need your (Financial) Support

    Like many nonprofit organizations, Tempe South Little League suffered financial losses in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the league isn’t likely to recoup the losses of 2020 during the 2021 season with registration fees alone. Current registration numbers are down significantly as we assume many families, for various reasons, are not ready to enroll in organized sports. We understand that many members of our community have suffered financial harm, but we also know there are others who are seeking opportunities to give back in meaningful ways.

    Here are some ways your donations help the league:

    $30 operates lights for one two-hour game

    $40 pays for a Jr. Umpire for a night of baseball

    $100 provides a team with a season worth of practice and game balls

    $300 allows us to purchase a new set of protective catcher’s gear

    Replacing a mound when it becomes unsafe can cost up to $4000 Tempe South Little League operates solely on donations and volunteers and we need your help. Please consider donating and forwarding this message to a friend so that we can continue to provide an affordable and joyful opportunity for kids to participate in t-ball and baseball for years to come.

    We are able to accept donations via PayPal at our email or via mail at Tempe South Little League PO Box 12438 Tempe, AZ 85284.

    Baseball during a Pandemic - Watching the games

    TSLL submitted revised COVID protocols to the City based on their revised guidelines.  We have received the following note from the City:

    The updated COVID plan and maps have been reviewed and approved. As long as these guidelines are adhered to, we feel comfortable allowing more than 50 people per field during your allocated dates and times.

    • Spectators will maintain physical distancing.  Each “household group” will sit on the outside of the field 2 fence posts apart (approximately 16’ separation). 
    • Spectators will not congregate.  Seating behind home plate will be limited to 4 individuals or “household groups” first come, first serve.
    • Our primary method of managing attendees will be upfront communication via our website, social media and direct email.  
    • League Volunteers in attendance will ask parents to maintain physical distancing.  
    • Volunteers will request corrections if they observe any attendees who are not following the approved social distancing plan.


    We ask that all parents/families/friends help the League adhere to these revised guidelines.  Enjoy the games and bring your chairs and blankets.


    Volunteer for Tempe South Little League.  There are many ways to get involved.  Learn More

    Updates & News

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    TempeSouth TempeSouth Little League TempeSouth

    Tempe South Little League

    Tempe South Little League (TSLL) is a volunteer-run, non-for profit organization for youth baseball in Tempe, Arizona.  We are home for over 400 young athletes, from ages 4 to 16.   We play over 225 games each year,  teaching our kids the rewards of working hard, striving to win and getting better every day.  TSLL is part of Little League's Arizona District 13.  Drop us an email any time!  

    Contact Us TSLL

    Contact Us TSLL

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