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Spring Break Sandlot Baseball

This year TSLL is offering two Sand Lot Baseball Camps during the second week of Spring Break.  One Camp is for the current Minor players and the other Camp is for the current Major players.   The intent of the Camps is to have the players involved in more baseball.   The Camps are not in place of any scheduled practices that your team may have scheduled over Spring Break.  The format of the Camps is warm-ups followed by the players being divided into two teams.  They would play a game with machine pitch.  This is the same format as the Christmas Break Camp that was held back in December .


The two Camps are:  


MINORS  ($15)  T-Th from 10am - 12noon on 3/19 and 3/21

MAJORS  ($20)  M-W-F from 10am - 12noon on 3/18, 3/20 and 3/22. 

Both sessions will be at Bloomquist Field (Tempe Sports Complex).


There is a limit to the number of players who can register for these camps due to the limited resources available.   Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.   The Players must be registered for our Spring season to attend.   Register at

2024 AAA, AA & TB Rosters

L. Andreozzi   N. Abbitt
B. Betancourt   B. Anderson
O. Bulson   H. Covert
L. Burt   L. Daiutolo
C. Campbell    J. Dunn
D. Cherney   J. Harper
E. Cook   W. Kohl
J. Engelbrecht   J. Martin
L. Gifford   D. Rippel
H. Lineberger   L. Robertson
C. McAllister   M. Shidawara
M. Porter   M. Taddeo
J. Anderson   D. Bonitatibus
M. Arce   C. Bried
R. Brown   D. Clarken
G. Buckman   B. Foster
K. Itani   E. Fultz
H. Mure Jr   V. Giannetta
O. Nagtalon   D. Leon
M. Pina   C. Lilley
C. Rosenberg   C. McAllister
A. Scott   R. Pease
R. Varga   G. Snyder
Z. Vasquez     
S. Adams   J. Beaudoin
D. Armstrong   H. Church
H. Bandura   N. Ellis
J. Bandura   A. Fumusa
C. Bolen   M. Graham
C. Heal   H. Helt
L. Keefe   R. Kredit
R. Link   S. Mays
S. Pullins   D. Rosing
S. Rousher   B. Snickles
K. Wilson   J. Zurbruegg
N. Cardenas   M. Bartlett
L. Christensen    V. Bartlett
V. DoVico   W. Basha
W. Fisher   B. Beerling
L. Glissendorf   P. Christakis
J. Hoxie   S. Fry
G. Powell   I. Harper
S. Sailors   R. Harper
C. Sanders   A. Lewis
L. Sanders   A. Olson
Q. Shillinger   O. Pastrana
K. Walker   S. Ulm
A. Warmack    
C. Anderson    J. Abbitt
H. Berg   J. Bueno
R. Budak   D. Campa
K. Fagin   M. Covert
M. Kielmeyer   A. Felix
R. Kowalski   E. Hogan
C. Mehlhorn   W. Jean Philippe
R. Petersen   A. Jean Philippe
B. Pezzuto   P. Monte
G. Poe   M. Moore
L. Richardson   J. Rivera
H. Schroeder   S. Rivera
G. Schroeder   J. Rodriguez
A. Atwood   W. Bandura
B. Baedeker   A. Bulinski
M. Bernstein   E. Courtney
J. Dowling   B. Courtney
G. Ellis   S. Enslow
G. Ellis   M. Fuentes 
M. Fukayama   C. Hager
E. Gibbs   R. Mena
P. Harrison   J. Schopmann
A. Kreitinger   H. Sralik
R. LaMarre   E. Varga
C. Reigle   A. Weber
J. Basha   O. Boca
K. Calhoun   M. Carruth
C. Cokens   C. Chung
N. Coleman   T. Ellixson
S. Henderson   H. Fultz
J. Martinez    B. Gosling
U. McAllister   L. Manos
R. McDonald   F. O'Malley
C. Naderer   L. Organ
T. Peterson   W. Payne
T. Temple   S. Schafer
J. Arce    
C. Buchanan    
K. Casiraro    
H. Gifford    
N. Gifford    
J. Hawkins    
L. Koch    
L. McCullough    
V. Pastrana     
W. Pullins    
K. Trivedi    
M. Udani    
A. Abbitt   B. Church
C. Anderson   C. Dunn
R. Anderson   M. Evans
B. Beerling   N. Evans
J. Charlton   L. Henson
J. Ellixson   J. Rivera
N. Fort   O. Romo
J. Harper   R. Romo
J. Hoxie   K. Walker
S. Liu    
C. Pach    
J. Pach    
R. Robertson     
G. Brown   A. Burt
T. Cokens   J. Buttrey
C. Cooper   J. Downs
G. Fuentes   J. Haskovec
D. Fuentes    R. McAllister
O. Nguyen Cercone   J. Mehlhorn
B. Organ   P. Roberts
B. Payne   D. Smith
F. Poppleton   I. Smith
O. Van Der Werf    Z. Taylor
K. Vutipadadorn    
B. Budak   B. Becker
T. Carlon   I. Blean
H. Fagin   L. Calhoun 
D. Lepetich   E. Hager
T. Lepetich   G. Jensen
T. Lepetich   D. Leon
R. Link   J. Morales
E. McSheffrey   A. Pearson
C. Schloemp   L. Sowers
G. Spaulding    J. Stinbrink
A. Castro    
M. Ferrin    
H. Ferrin    
C. McRae     
M. Nager    
I. Rodriguez    
G. Rodriguez    
R. Runcorn    
J. Schlottman    
P. Schmitt     

2024 Minors Rosters


P. Armstrong   B. Adams
A. Bernstein   J. Coughlin
R. Graves   P. Coughlin
C. Hutchins   J. Everett
I. Johnson   J. Huffaker
J. Kobe   D. Prante
K. Lilley   M. Schlottman
R. Petersen   T. Shook
C. Radebach-Zhou   S. Wallain
A. Rice   T. Walls III
D. Schroeder   D. Wolfe
E. Broshears   B. Aguilar
A. Broshears   C. Bickler
M. Carter   K. Diaz
M. Davalosperez   C. Leipart
D. Kelly   J. Miller
K. Lozano   M. Poppleton
J. Martinez    P. Primak
J. Organ   L. Scott
L. Pfundstein   R. Vivoni
N. Vecchi    W. Vossberg
B. Zandt   O. York
A. Barnett   K. Bayliss
J. Berger   N. Bristol
K. Bickford   J. Elizalde
G. Buckwalter   J. Engelbrecht
M. Carter   N. Fonner
L. Chung   H. McGeorge
J. Karroum    T. Peterson
J. Marlow   B. Preston
N. Riedner   C. Rodriguez
T. Runcorn   J. Skelton
C. Schafman   L. Smith
H. Bandura    
O. Barriga    
G. Barriga    
E. Budak    
S. Casiraro    
G. Duffourg    
S. Greene    
A. Irby    
A. Leung    
D. Lewis    
H. Schloemp    
P. Trivedi  

2024 Majors Rosters

O. Alford   J. Basha
M. Berkowitz   J. Celaya
J. Courtney   D. Deason
E. Eklund   A. Dunn
L. Elizalde   X. Estrada
C. Hartman   I. Flynn
N. Lepetich   G. Fry
T. Page   C. Landreth
D. Prante   A. Lopez
S. Sanocki   J. Steffen
H. Tapia   H. Zaugg
A. Arce   C. Campbell
J. Carter   C. Dummar
S. Henderson   L. Golleher
K. Hester   L. Gradowski
Z. Lawson   E. Lopez
H. Lineberger   S. Richardson
G. Lozano   J. Salazar
K. Peterson   G. Swinson
S. Pierce   C. Ulm
L. Weihe   C. Varga
I. White   J. Young


Click here to register for our 2024 spring Season.


Early Registration is November 30, 2023 to January 1, 2024.  

General Registration is January 1, 2024 to January 20, 2024.  

Late Registration is January 21, 2024 to March 3, 2024.  


Little League Age Chart

Majors (11-12)  Late Registration begins January 21, 2024, you may be placed on a waitlist.      After January 21, contact for roster inquiries.   

Minors (9-10)  Late Registration is January 21, 2024 to February 4, 2024    Late registrations may be limited to roster openings.  Contact for roster inquiries and questions.

AAA, AA T-Ball (4-9)  Late Registration is January 21, 2024 to February 25, 2024     Late registrations may be limited to roster openings.  Contact for roster inquiries and questions.

Juniors (13-14) registration is open until February 9th.  Contact with questions

PLEASE NOTE:  It is TSLL's intent to field a Junior team to compete against the other District teams.  The roster size of the team will be LIMITED and the players will be selected on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis.   TSLL will field additional teams if there are an adequate number of players registering.   Registration Prior to February 9th does not guarantee placement on a roster.

Opening Day Parade & Games will be Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Fees & More Information

The Fees are:

T-Ball $75 Ages 4,5 T & Coach pitch (K & Pre K)

Farm AA $115 Ages 6,7 Coach pitch (1st Grade)

Farm AAA $115 Ages 8,9 Coach pitch (2nd and 3rd Grade)

Minors $170 Ages 9,10,11 Player pitch (Showcase Required)

Majors $170 Ages 11,12 Player pitch (Showcase Required)

Juniors $195 Ages 13,14 Player pitch (NO Showcase Required)  PLEASE NOTE:  Junior rosters are selected on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis.   Registration Prior to February 9th does not guarantee placement on a roster

Challenger:  TSLL also offers a Challenger Division 

If the season is cancelled at any time a prorated refund may be offered after all incurred expenses by the league are calculated.

PLEASE NOTE:  The League Age is determined as the player’s age as of AUGUST 31, 2024.

  • ALL LEAGUE AGE 11 YEAR OLDS must showcase with the 11-12 year olds, regardless of their preference to play in Minors.  The League will make all decisions regarding level of play for players, dependent on the players' skills and the number of available teams.

DISCOUNTS:  (note only one discount can be used)

                 Early Discount   ---   $10/player for registration prior to January 1st, 2024.  

                Sibling Discount   ---   $10/player for each additional family member



               Friday, January 26th   ---   Major and Minors  Division’s on-line registrations closes

               Sunday, February 25, 2024   ---   T-Ball and Farm Divisions’ on-line registrations closes


NOTE:   Players registering after the dates above will be placed on a WAIT LIST


Saturday, January 20: Showcase for Minor and Major Divisions.   Prior sign-up is required

Thursday, January 25: Showcase for Minor and Major Divisions.   Prior sign-up is required

                Showcase signup link


Junior Players  --  There is no Showcase.

 ·         Placement on a JUNIORS team is on a First-Come-First Served basis.  After 15 JUNIOR players have registered, all subsequent players registering will be placed on a WAIT LIST.  If enough additional players register to comprise an additional team, a second team will be added.

 ·         Eleven year olds may request to be placed in Minors.  However, all 11 year olds must attend a Showcase with the 11/12 year olds, regardless of their desire to be placed in Minors.  Please Remember – not all 11 year olds are selected for Majors.  Generally, 60%-65% of the 11 year olds are placed in the Majors.  Players hoping to play in the Majors should prepare prior to the Showcase in order to have the most success. Players not selected for Majors will be placed in Minors.

 ·         Nine year olds may request to be placed in AAA and they are not required to attend the Showcase.  However, all 9 year olds requesting placement in Minors must attend a Showcase with the 9/10 year olds.  Please Remember – not all 9 year olds are selected for Minors.  Generally, only 30%-40% of the 9 year olds are placed in the Minors.  Players hoping to play in the Minors should prepare prior to the Showcase in order to have the most success.  Players not selected for Minors will be placed in AAA.

 ·         This year TSLL will be offering a CAMP for Major and Minor players (ages 9-12).  The camp will be December 27-28-29 at Bloomquist.  The morning group will be for 9-10 year olds (9:30am-11:30) and the afternoon group will be for 11-12 year olds (noon-2pm).  The focus of the Camps will be Sand-Lot Baseball.   Registration is on a First-Come-First-Served basis and you must be registered for the Spring season.  The Registration Fee for the Camps will be $15 and the Camps are LIMITED to the first 26 players for each session.

 ·         In addition to the December Camp, on Saturday, January 13, the League will be offering a skills clinic for 9-12 year old players to prepare for the Showcase the following week.  The Clinic is $15 and is tentatively planned for 9:30am – noon.



Friday, February 2: Major Rosters are announced on the League’s website

Friday, February 9: Minor Rosters are announced on the League’s website

Friday, February 9: Junior Rosters are announced on the League’s website   PLEASE NOTE:  Junior rosters are selected on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis.   Registration Prior to February 9th does not guarantee placement on a roster

Friday, Feb 16: Farm AA & AAA Rosters are announced on the League’s website

Friday, Feb 23: T-Ball Rosters are announced on the League’s website


TSLL has teams for players between League ages 4 -14 (age as of August 31 2024). If you have a player outside of these ages please contact Kevin Costigan, League Player Agent, at  


Spring 2024 Umpire Sign ups

We are registering umpires for the spring season.  Go to our umpire page for more information 


Opening Day 2022

Banner Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for local business that want to advertise at the TSLL Fields with a banner.  Please see the attached Banner Sponsor form for more details!


Volunteer for Tempe South Little League.  There are many ways to get involved.  Learn More

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Contact Us TSLL

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