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2018 All Star Tournament Teams

By Tim Trimble 05/01/2018, 1:45pm MST

Tempe South Little League ---

2018 All Star Tournament Teams for Minors and Majors division


Tempe South Little League invites you to consider participating in the post-season All Star Tournament. It is our hope that you have enjoyed yourself this season and will want to continue the experience at the next level.


The 2018 District 13 All Star Tournament commences pool play on or about June 29, and is tentatively scheduled to end on July 10 (all dates to be confirmed). The successful teams at the District tournament will advance to the State All Star Tournament, which will begin on or about July 17. State tournament locations will be announced at a later date.


The Juniors division all star selection process will be communicated through the regular season managers (Barraza and Sayer).


PLEASE NOTE: There will be an information meeting for all interested parents on Saturday, May 5 at 7:45pm at the park benches (between Fields 3 and 6) to discuss the All Star process and to answer any questions that you may have. To insure a timely start, please gather at the tables by 7:35pm.

Click here to register to play

Questions regarding All Stars may be sent to our League Player Agent, Kevin Costigan (

Spring 2018 Minors Rosters

By Tim Trimble 02/23/2018, 6:45pm MST

Here are your 2018 Minors teams:

Coach Atwood

Q Atwood

W Brennan

B Cabrera

A Gattie

N Jasarevic

T Johnson

C Kennedy

E Leonard-Myers

Z Lichner

A Nemecek

C Rehill

Coach Johannson

G Carlon

B De La Torre

W Drescher

J Johannson

B Lindgren

M Merritt

C Owens

D Salazar

J Sheehan

C Thurman

C Williamson

Coach Coronella

A Coronella

A Gaona

B Irick

B Lewandowski

J Matherson

M O'Bleness

A Pierce

A Pietrangeli

T Sever

D Socha

H Stafford

Coach Rohrer

L Cummings

N Hanson

J Link

M Mccarthyhill

Z Rice

B Rohrer

D Simpson

M Simpson

D Vasquez

B Yosowitz

G Zabor

Coach Costigan

M Bell

D Berg

C Brandt

R Cozakos

J Ferrance

C Furiga

G Martinez

M Montoya

B Richey

S Sinkovic

A Strong

Coach Rowley

N Call

T Dupnik

K Hogan

C Rentschler

C Rowley

K Salazar

A Santa Cruz

C Spiro

C Spiro

J St Clair

J Stevens

Coach Hull

C Ackerley

C Ball

J Bickler

E Crocker

D DeHorney

M Dickens

Z Hull

A Singh

J Tafoya

M Travis

A Williams

Coach Wolf

N Anaradian

C Brown

N Gallagher

A Gammage

G Jensen

B Kiefer

C Loftin

R McVaugh

O Thies

L Wolf

A Wolf