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Farm AAA

Farm AAA

Farm AAA is a coach pitch league that begins to introduce the first elements of competitive play for players aged 8 & 9 years old. The idea is to build upon fundamental concepts introduced in Farm AA. Again, coaches should assume that this is the first time some of these players have played baseball. However, at this age Coaches will begin to see players who have been playing for several years and are quite passionate about the sport.

The difference in skills at this age can be dramatic, and it is one of the great challenges for the Farm AAA Manager to balance the needs of the new player with the desire for the more experienced player to develop their baseball skills.

Farm AAA teams play 12 competitive games  during the season, on Saturday mornings and a few games at 530pm and 700pm on Monday & Wednesday nights.  

All Games are at the Tempe Sports Complex (TSC).

Practices are generally held at TSC on the same days as games and at similar times, however, the head coaches have discretion to move the practices to other locations, days and times.


  • 8 pitch maximum per batter
  • 3 swinging strikes is an out
  • No walks
  • Over throw at any base, runner advances one base, but he is in play
  • Catcher throws the ball back to pitcher 
  • Hitting team has a coach behind the plate serving as umpire and retrieving pass balls
  • No steals
  •  Ball back to pitcher ends the play
  • Keep Score by Outs not Runs
  • 7/6 Batters Per Inning
  • Team sizes: 11-13
  • Players may request coaches and friends.
  • Only the batter may hold and swing a bat. No one else.


Farm AAA is the first level of introduction for players into baseballs competitive side with run limits, and recorded outs. At this age groups the players have the ability to begin to learn more fundamental skills and will learn through repetition. The goal is always to have fun, but now players can really “practice” as opposed to just being busy.

Focus for the coach should be on encouraging and developing those fundamental skills.

  • The proper way to hold and throw a baseball 
  • How to catch a baseball in all 4 Zones (forehand, backhand, above the belt, below the belt)
  • How to field a grounder.
  • How to catch a fly ball.
  • Proper stance and mechanics for swinging a bat to hit a thrown ball.
  • The names of all the positions
  • Responsibilities for all the positions
  • Intermediate base running (going to first on a hit) with fly balls, runners on base, outs.
  • Making outs through force outs and tags.

Much like Farm AA, practices stand to be more fun than games because more kids can be involved at once. However, at this age it is appropriate to start to introduce fun competitions in practice (who can throw the farthest, how many catches without drops can each pair of players make in 60 seconds).

The goal of Farm AAA Division is to get players ready at the end of the season to move up to kid pitch Minors the following year. At the end of Farm AAA every player should feel confident in trying out for Minors.