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It all begins in T-Ball.

T-Ball is a fun exposure to baseball for many kids.  Aimed at ages 4 & 5, T-Ball runs in parallel to the “big kid” games.   T-Ball is also an entry point for many coaches.

For many players, this is their first exposure to being on a team and learning to take turns.  In T-Ball players learn:

  • The names of all the bases
  • Running to each base
  • They are introduced to playing catch
  • They learn how to swing a bat

The players hit the ball off a Tee.  Games are played in the fields beyond the fenced outfields with all coaches helping to manage and referee the games.  All players bat; although, on some large teams Managers may agree to use the 7 and 7 approach, scheduling 7 batters to hit each half inning to keep the game moving.

Tee ball teams play 8 games  during the season, on Saturday mornings and a few games at 530pm on Tuesday & Thursday nights.  All Games are at the Tempe Sports Complex (TSC).

Practices are generally held at TSC on the same days as games and at similar times, however, the head coaches have discretion to move the practices to other locations, days and times.