Steam Glove Treatment

In a previous post I promised to update you on the latest in glove breaking treatments. The “Steam Treatment”. Follow the jump to learn more.

I took my older son’s glove to Extra Innings to have it “steam treated”. For $20, they took Ryan’s Rawlings Dual Core Heart of the Hide and treated it. It’s a nice glove, but like a lot of high end gloves it’s pretty stiff. Ryan’s coach noticed that some ground balls were popping out of it. When he switched to his baby soft Mizuno everything stayed in his glove where it belonged.

Now I have to give them credit, these guys worked the glove into a beautiful shape, but when they gave it back to me it was barely more broken in than before. They reworked it TWO MORE TIMES. The result? The same. Apparently some gloves react better to the treatment than others. But I can’t fault their service.

So, I can’t recommend the steam treatment as I have yet to see it work personally, but I can recommend Extra Innings as they did put in a lot of effort and the shape of the pocket is noticeably better than it was when I brought it in.

— Scott

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