Don’t Miss This Saturday Night Mar 28!

Tempe South Little League is excited to welcome Hall of Fame manager, Tony La Russa, to the Tempe Sports Complex this Saturday night, March 28.

As part of a charity auction benefiting the LUNGevitiy Foundation for lung cancer research, TSLL manager, Jonathan Bodow, won the prize of having Mr. La Russa manage one of his team’s games. After donning the team colors, Mr. La Russa will assume the managerial reins of the TSLL Majors division Iron Outlaws for the 530pm game against the rival Dingerz, managed by Paul Denham.

Saturday’s game marks skipper La Russa’s return to competitive managerial duties since retiring from the St. Louis Cardinals after raising the 2011 World Series trophy and his enshrinement in Cooperstown last summer.

First pitch is at 530pm on field #7. Proceeds from the night’s 50/50 raffle will benefit Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). Fittingly, the game will be played on the TSC field closest to our neighborhood dog park.

Pack a cooler and your favorite chair and join us in celebrating our kids! We know you’ll enjoy some baseball on a beautiful night in Tempe!

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Pop Up Safety!

In the past 2 weeks, we’ve had multiple incidents where one of our families has used ground stakes to secure a tent to the ground, but ended up damaging an underground irrigation line.  In the second case, the ground stake was less than an inch from hitting an electrical line.

All tents must be secured with sand bags or other types of above ground weights. 

The league will get a bill for any future repairs associated with ground stakes.

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Little League Day at the D’Backs, April 26

Join us for Little League Day at the D’Backs on April 26 vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. The players and coaches march on the field prior to the game (great photo opportunities!).

Tickets for family and friends are $16 a person. All money and ticket orders due April 3. Order forms will be available to your Team Mom after Opening Day.

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It is not always clear why a fundraiser is important and where the money from fundraising is used. TSLL has certain fixed costs that must be paid for each season. In addition to fixed costs are the costs associated with running the league that do not occur every year. Fundraising is important to keep the league running while keeping the registration costs fairly stable and affordable.

The fundraising effort in the past few years was very successful in raising enough money to provide new pitching machines (purchased in the 2014 season) and the concrete for the dug outs. This was a specific goal of the league based on parent and manager feedback. For the 2015 season the board decided to shift focus to corporate sponsors and try to alleviate the burden on the TSLL families. The fundraising goals of families is much more modest this year and we hope to be able to continue in this way.

The fixed costs for the league to run a season of baseball is about $60,000. The revenue raised from league registrations is about $52,000. Fundraising helps make up the difference as well as provides money for the costs that do not occur yearly such as: baseball helmets. The league purchased new baseball helmets this year as the supply of helmets was very old and becoming a potential safety hazard. In addition, two new L Screens were purchased to replace two broken L Screens. These are examples of costs that will not occur every year; however, the league needs to be prepared as these needs arise.

This year each team (excluding Tball) is encouraged to raise $200. A form was given to team moms with ideas about how to raise the money. Any team that raises $300 or more will receive a pizza party with Barros Pizza. If you have any questions regarding the pizza party or how to raise team money please contact our Team Parent Liaison, Beth Ladley, at teamparent@tempesouth.com.

Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month or you can speak with your team manager if you are interested in getting more involved with the league. We greatly appreciate the support of the Tempe South families.

Thank you.


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In adding the team pages I crossed some threshold and LOST a bunch of menus. My apologies.  I will try to get them added back as soon as I can.

– webmaster.

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Team Parents, Volunteers, Families with Questions…

Have a question? Want to volunteer with Opening Day or any other activity during the season? New to being a team parent? Contact us at:

teamparent@tempesouth.com  or   secretary@tempesouth.com

We’ll be sure to get your questions answered or get you going in the right direction!

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Tee Ball Team Rosters

Coaches Baldonado and Rentschler

W. Azevedo
J. Baldonado
E. De La Torre
J. Haubrich
G. Rable
C. Rentschler
S. Servin
A. Sugar
L. Sugar
S. Ulm
E. Veres

Coach Berkowitz

L. Akins
A. Berkowitz
F. Gongora
S. Jones
G. Lelakowski
C. McVaugh
C. Misheski
M. Munoz
B. Pate
L. Sahl
S. Willey

Coach Neathery

K. Brown
Z. Brown
C. Grace
I. Martinez Villa
I. Martinez Villa
B. Mathison
A. Morfin Neathery
M. Murphy
B. Smith
K. Uscola
C. Westfall

Coaches Wald and Stutz

K. Barnett
P. Chico
B. Cochran
S. Geraghty-Dunn
F. Hogan
L. Jacobs
L. McFall
M. Stutz
C. Wald
D. Webber
L. Wolf

Coach White

J. Berriochoa
C. Johnson
G. Kaiser
B. Lindsey
Z. Lindsey
T. Pany
K. Potts
K. Roman
M. Socha
S. Torres
J. White

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2015 AAA and AA Team Rosters:



  1.  Q. Atwood
  2.  C. Brown
  3.  L. Smith
  4. K. Topic
  5. G. Hopper
  6. N. Jasarevic
  7. T. Laudry
  8. M. McCarthyhill
  9. A. Randall
  10. B. Rivers
  11. A. Wolf


  1. A. Abrahamsen
  2. J. Bickler
  3. C. Brandt
  4. H. Fisher
  5. B. Hales
  6. N. Hancock
  7. N. Peshak
  8. L. Rynish
  9. A. Salazar
  10. K. Schoenhals
  11. J. Speck
  12. J. Stevens
  13. E. Uribe



  1. D. Baldonado
  2. L. Blunck
  3. M. Fredericks
  4. Z. Hull
  5. G.Martinez
  6. D. Rodriguez
  7. M. McQueen
  8. D. Socha
  9. J. Tafoya
  10. J. Ferrance
  11. C. Dueppen
  12. H. Williams



  1. L. Araktingi
  2. J. Brown
  3. R. Burd
  4. S. Campbell
  5. G. Carlon
  6. J. Hanson
  7. U. Isais
  8. J. Jacobs
  9. C. Kennedy
  10. W. Newman
  11. M. Sandell



  1. H. Baker
  2. B. Baragar
  3. C. Chapman
  4. A. Coronella
  5. B. De La Torre
  6. T. Dupnik
  7. M. Herrera
  8. B. Irick
  9. L. Picarello
  10. N. Rehill
  11. C. Rowley
  12. S. Velasquez



  1. C. Ackerley
  2. P. Brady
  3. A. Buckley
  4. P. Buckley
  5. D. Dehorney
  6. B. Gisselquist
  7. J. Owens
  8. S. Ramirez
  9. Z. Rice
  10. B. Richey
  11. B. Rohrer
  12. N. Simpson
  13. R. Zima



  1. R. Arnold
  2. J. Blanco
  3. M. Brown
  4. E. Comfort
  5. M. Dean
  6. J. Farrell
  7. A. Hamidy
  8. K. Hogan
  9. B. Nesbit
  10. R. Stutz
  11. C. Williamson



  1. S. Arrieta
  2. C. Ball
  3. N. Benedict
  4. N. Goodman
  5. A. Hladik
  6. R. McVaugh
  7. S. Pebler III
  8. A. Santa Cruz
  9. C. Ulm
  10. R. Ulm
  11. R. Uscola
  12. T. Weihe


  1. C. Arciniaga
  2. C. Bastian
  3. W. Bastian
  4. J. Darling
  5. B. Dolensek
  6. D. Lopez
  7. K. Peat
  8. K. Peat
  9. S. Schelhase
  10. J. Schoenhals
  11. Z. Speck
  12. J. Tawney
  13. I. White


  1. N. Anaradian
  2. B. Brasile
  3. W. Clark
  4. E. Edwards
  5. J. Favela
  6. K. Hancock
  7. Z. Mehall
  8. T. Myrick
  9. A. O’Brien
  10. J. Weisman
  11. L. Westing
  12. G. Zabor


  1. B. Byrne
  2. B. Cabrera
  3. M. Carbajal
  4. M. Carson
  5. J. Johannson
  6. C. Olson
  7. T. Rodrigez
  8. K. Rycek
  9. P. Topic
  10. Z. Tropp
  11. T. Wachtel
  12. E. Wilbricht


  1. K. Butler
  2. G. Coronella
  3. J. Frazier
  4. N. Gallagher
  5. L. Medlen
  6. C. Montei
  7. E. Risch
  8. T. Sever
  9. N. Shoppach
  10. L. Tafoya
  11. I. Wilson


  1. E. Calamity
  2. D. Fillmore
  3. A. Gammage
  4. J. Green
  5. J. Heim
  6. O. McCall
  7. J. Nemecek
  8. J. Olsen
  9. C. Rehill
  10. M. Sinkovic
  11. D. Sylvester
  12. L. Vargas


  1. M. Albanese
  2. Z. Albanese
  3. M. Burd
  4. R. Eaton
  5. B. Fleming
  6. J. Forsberg
  7. N. Hedberg
  8. B. Lindgren
  9. H. O’Malley
  10. P. Rafford
  11. J. Steinkamp
  12. J. Toyne


  1. A. Abrahamsen
  2. E. Crowell
  3. I. Crowell
  4. R. Espinosa
  5. A. Pierce
  6. M. Rowley
  7. K. Sanders
  8. J. Stevens
  9. J. Stevens
  10. A. Strong
  11. M. Tolon
  12. A. Williams


  1. K. Austin
  2. C. Carbajal
  3. B. Chaloupha
  4. T. Douglass
  5. B. Erskino
  6. C. Hanson
  7. B. Kiefer
  8. J. Ladley
  9. K. Lansford
  10. B. Rice
  11. A. Rodriguez
  12. K. Tom
  13. D. Torcoletti
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2015 Minors Rosters

Coach C. Ackerley – DevilBacks

C. Ackerley
P. Aucunas
E. Beasley
T. Brady
J. Hutton-Rubin
B. Keys
G. Legg
N. Ramirez
G. Ross
L. Torcoletti
J. Trimble

Coach M. Carbajal – Diablos

A. Andazola
A. Avelar
C. Campbell
J. Carbajal
M. Faccio
C. Guerrero
M. Jones
N. Leopard
B. Lyons
C. Montei
C. Rodriguez

Coach B. Collum – Throwbacks

C. Carlon
Z. Coggins
C. Collum
G. Glaus
J. Gonzalez
J. Jacobs
R. Lucero
Z. Roberts
N. Roberts
L. Seyler
J Zorensky

Coach K. Costigan – BoneCrushers

L. Ballou
J. Briscoe
M. Dehorney
M. Gillespie
T. Hladik
T. Lelakowski
K. Limon
T. Lindsey
N. Raclaw
A. Richmond
B. Stanisic

Coach C. Gongora – Sun Devils

C. Clark
M. Giek
C. Gongora
W. Hasan
B. Johnson
T. Leyba
J. Mulera
A. Parsons
M. Story

Coach J. Grier – Super Sluggers

C. Bray
L. Burgmeier
B. Carson
I. Fisher
M. Flynn
C. Grier
K. Grier
B. Kaiser
A. Lopez
B. Martinez
C. Suiter

Coach P. Janssen – Demons

D. Ardoin
T. Catero
A. Chavez
J. Janda
O. Janssen
C. Kenehan
J. Lwowski
K. McCabe
J. Ramirez
J. Sayer
L. Snyder

Coach S. Wheeless – Dragons

T. Atchley
L. Bastian
J. Castellanos
J. Cazel
L. Epperson
A. Haptonstall-Deja
J. Peshak
A. Potts
R. Rehill
J. Rodriguez
J. Wheeless

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2015 Majors Team Rosters

2015 Majors Teams By Manager.

Coach Allen – Rabid Alpacas ?

  • E Allen
  • W Bauer
  • J Dendy
  • C Fee
  • N Goodman
  • R Heim
  • E Lenz
  • G Merdich
  • E Navarrete
  • G Smith
  • C Williamson

Coach Bodow – Iron Outlaws

  • B Berns
  • S Bodow
  • R Carbajal
  • J Clements
  • A Hernandez
  • E Hoover
  • K Hutton-Rubin
  • N Samaniego
  • J Schelhase
  • K Tokishi
  • S Tokishi

Coach Denham – Dingerz

  • J Berg
  • M Chafey
  • A Denham
  • X Fendenheim
  • N Harasha
  • S Johnson
  • G Olson
  • Z Paiz
  • V Solano
  • C Steinert
  • T Steinkamp

Coach Douglass – Devilbacks

  • B Burgmeier
  • B Douglass
  • L Graham
  • J Irick
  • J Kaehr
  • L Rable
  • N Rable
  • A Rafalski
  • C Rohrer
  • R Saenz
  • B Trujillo

Coach Farley – Elite 11

  • D Alverez
  • L Bashford
  • M Estenson
  • R Fahey
  • J Farley
  • D Gaiger
  • K McCoy
  • J Medlen
  • D Mirra
  • H Stratton
  • G Valenzuela

Coach Sanders – Dust Devils

  • J Calderon
  • E Dukes
  • D Haimovitz
  • N Martinez
  • S Masseur
  • H McCall
  • M Sanders
  • J Wacloff
  • J Widger
  • N Woodroffe
  • R Wright

Coach Zadik – Scorpions

  • C Briscoe
  • T Dolowy
  • T Lelakowski
  • D Mathews
  • K Mitchelson
  • Z Patterson
  • J Simpson
  • B Starkie
  • J Stuart
  • C Torres
  • K Zadik
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